Was sind eure 3 wichtigsten Punkte, warum ihr Social Media bzw. Onlinemarketing erlernen wollt? Also, welche Essenz zieht ihr aus dem erlernten Stoff?.

Online and Social media MKT are important for me because:

First, Our potencial clients are online and we need to catch their atention using the Social Networks, now it´s not enough the tradicional Marketing. I´m important to share Content and create a need in their souls, it´s not just offer a product, we need to involve them in our brand so then they will start to talking about us. It´s important to create a Dialog, then we will get „flow“ to our web site or Fanpage or Twitter… if we don´t create a conversation, they will probably not follow anymore. If we talk with them, then we can get nice insights for our Campaign.

Second, It´s important to know what are they talking about,  we want that they can find us! The keywords are the clue! in this point it´s important to have an automatic system 24/7 in the different Browsers, we want to be online because we want to be the first brand to be found and that they feel this need of consume our products.

Third, It´s important to get everyday new customers, if we stay the whole life with the same group we will not increase our sales. The Online World is a great opportunity for get to know new people and make a nice „Mund zu Mund“ process.


You can also see the video direct on Prezi


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