Smells like Laundry

Storytelling Weiterbildung

  1. —Eine emotional bedeutende Ausgangssituation.
  2. Eine (sympathische) Hauptfigur.
  3. Einen Spannungsbogen durch Ziele und Hindernisse, die die Hauptfigur überwinden muss.
  4. Eine erkennbare Entwicklung (Vorher-Nachher-Effekt).
  5. Und ein auf das eigene Leben anwendbares Fazit – die Moral von der Geschichte.

Smells like Laundry

For anyone of us, make the laundry can be a very simple and (sometimes) annoying action.

But for me… oh God, i think i will never forget that day!

I remember that it was Thursday evening and I wanted to make the I went downstairs to the Laundry room and started to heard the engine noise  in the dark background of my old building. I turned on the light (it was the typical slightly dryer), at the biginen was a little bit diffuse but finally fully illuminates the room with a ( typical spotlight pipe is in a room when it is dark ) glimmer.
I had in my arms a plastic container with clothing. The light was on , so I could  see the place, there were a number of dryers and
washing machines, which were in operation in that moment . I was completly alone in the room. (Background noise machines are heard running all the time of course)
Then I started to choose the clothes in the plastic container and  putting them in the washing machine. I was also talking with myself… feeling me like a stupid for be there so late doing this…

I was finishing adding clothes to the washing machine , when suddenly  I heared a noise and the light turned off . Then i thought…. OH shit… now it´s over…Yeah i know… I´m scare of the darkness…and i felt like the girl in Albert Hitschcok´s movie….

Somehow nobody could hear me because the room is in the last floor… so..the situation couldn´t be better… yeah great i was stuck in the laundry room without light, without nobody that could hear me and getting crazy because of the darkness and the stranges noises from the machines… i started to feel a presence… i don´t know if it was only my imagination or just the mix beetween the fear and the adrenaline of that moment….

The panic slowly began to take me over and i really felt that the strange presence began to stir… of course i also was feeling
curious  and wanted to know about what was in the laundry…I was so scare because i knew that maybe that could be a murder or even worst, my neighboard jajaja… so I started to move through the room like searching for something….

Suddendly I heard a girl crying… OMG  are you kidding me!?!??! Now the image of Jack Nicholson in „Here´s is Johnny“ came to my mind!


Finally I found the switch and the light came back again!!!! and guess what? I was totally in shock because I saw a little girl in the corner and she looked to me into my eyes and just said:   „One , two, three for me.“



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